OK Boomer!

I love where I am in life. I’ve been alive for 54+ years and have experienced music from 1968 (my first 45) to the present day, and I’ve taken it all in. Well, there was that time when I didn’t really listen to much since my first wife didn’t like it so loud, and I had kids, and what not. But music’s most always been there as a constant companion and friend.

So I’ve seen the rise and fall of many musical genres, and one thing is consistent. People one or two generations past the target pop music demo will always bitch and moan about award shows and special events.

“The music is terrible.” “It’s not the way it used to be.” “I’m using clever nicknames to put down the artists because I can’t think of anything useful to say.”

All I have to say is….”SHUT THE HELL UP, BOOMER!”

So J-Lo and Shakira wasn’t your thing at the Super Bowl. They spoke to a different crowd than you (Latinx, mostly female, and under 30). So Billy Ellish’s moody pop songs make you scratch your head. She’s trying to break pop out of the era of the song doctors and same-same sounding tracks.

So hip-hop is popular and it makes you uncomfortable. (I could have used this since the 80’s). YOU ARE NOT THE TARGET DEMO! AND THEY’RE DOING INTERESTING THINGS WITH BEATS AND RHYMES.

There are so many ways you can experience music today, and so many ways to customize your listening experience. Heaven forbid you hear something that the kids are listening to today, or that different ethnic groups find popular. Pop music isn’t catering to you anymore – deal with it.

I do have reservations of the ways that music is become so sub-sub-sub genre’d. Radio is the same way, it seems. (I mean, look at the Billboard Charts and how many there are now. It’s no longer just the Hot 100 and Billboard 200 that people pay attention to). But with changes in the way they measure popularity (actual streaming data and radio plays), the charts are much more accurate. The Hot 100 does capture the 100 songs of the week.

And guess what – they’re not the songs you want to hear, Boomer.

So when there’s an award show and something is played that you need to complain about, maybe you should think twice and realize this is not your time. Your time where the pop charts were influenced by you is long past and you wasted it on freakin’ REO Speedwagon and Chicago’s goopy-ass love songs.

And your parents complained about them as well.

Published by Scott Fendley

I write stuff and things about music.

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